An Unexpected Round of Chemo

Once again, the last couple days have been a whirlwind, but that seems to be how cancer goes (From my experience anyways).

Wednesday afternoon was the day that they planned to start my treatment of Ipilimumab, upon arriving they said they didn’t have the medication yet but I could stay overnight and they should have it Thursday or Friday. Little did I know how poorly my blood counts were doing, so my body had different plans for me.

I spent the night at the Hope Lodge and around 8 am I got a call from my main doctor here at KU. He told me that he was in contact with the authors of the article and the people that the treatment had worked on had very small amount of leukemia in their bodies. So he thought because of how low my counts are that we just needed to make sure that my blasts were under 10 percent and I needed to do another bone marrow biopsy just to make sure. I don’t normally do my biospies without sedation but considering my circumstances I really had no choice.

It wasn’t terrible, they gave me some Ativan and Morphine to help with the procedure. I’m happy to say, no tears were had, my only one without sedation that I didn’t cry the entire time.

I went and grabbed some lunch, at my favorite place Sushi Mido and went back to the clinic to find out my fate.

After some waiting, the doctor finally came in and told me that my blasts came back at 50% exactly the news I didn’t want to hear. I would need to go into the hospital again and do chemo. Luckily I’ll only be in the hospital for probably a week or so and they’ll let me go out to the Hope Lodge for a couple weeks till my counts can recover and I can finally come home.

I’m going to be doing High Dose Cytarabine. Day 1 is today. I did a dose this morning around 11 that lasted three hours. I’ll be doing another dose tonight at 11 for three hours. The same schedule will also be on Day 3 and Day 5 and I might be able to go to the Hope Lodge on day 6 or 7.

Thursday they wanted me to admit me to the hospital just then but I really wanted time to go home and see Paul and my buggy girl, so he said I needed to be there early on Saturday. Thursday I actually tried to drive myself home and I had to pull over after an hour. I was so tired I decided to take a nap in the Butler Walmart parking lot. I stopped at 4:30 and woke up a little before 7pm and Paul wasn’t too far away from getting me to drive me home. I really have just been so terribly tired, I’m assuming because of my blood counts being so low.

Saturday we came in and that afternoon they placed my PICC line, but other than that, it was a pretty slow day.

I’m still doing the experimental treatment, just need to get over this hurdle first.


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