I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the importance of this to me. 🙂

There is one thing I’d have to share with you all though.

Have you heard of the website http://www.bethematch.org ?

My Leukemia caused me to need a bone marrow transplant, but they could not find a donor for me. There are plenty of people out in the world in the exact same situation as me but maybe they don’t have a family member that is able to be there donor.

I’d beg everyone to please take a look through the information on this site and consider signing up to be a bone marrow donor. You might never get chosen, but you also might have the opportunity to save someones life. Sometimes a bone marrow transplant is the only thing that can help keep their cancer at bay and cure them.

Paul recently signed up to join the registry. All it takes is a short questionnaire, then they mail you a swab kit. You swab your cheek and mail it back. Within a few weeks you’re listed on the national registry, so what are you waiting for??! Go sign up!


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